Thursday, May 16, 2013

walt disney vacation 2013 (photo heavy)

Yup, I am a slug. I have not photographed last years Project Life completed and now I have more pictures to share since we took a vacation to Walt Disney World. Since those are on my computer, that is what I shall post. I need to get on top of these things.

Flying to Orlando!!

Our resort for 10 glorious days. We totally loved it there.

 Playing in the fountain at EPCOT trying to cool off a bit.

Giving Mickey a major hug!!

Breakfast with Mickey at the Animal Kingdom.

Proof that they do in fact love each other!!

At our resort.

Alex playing at one of the shops at the Animal Kingdom.

The Beast's Castle in the New Fantasyland. I could move in. :)

Alex in line at the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Me and my girl.

Alex driving on the raceway.

Hubby and Kira.

Riding the carousel. Alex took daddy's hat on the upswing.

Alex was in the show and got a nice cuddle from Belle.

And a nice kiss!!

The kids with Marie.

He really wanted that sword to come out.

Hubby and Kira.

Me and my little man.

Kira driving. Yup we are not letting her behind the wheel when she turns 16!!

Alex got to join the Jedi Training Academy while we were at the Hollywood Studios.

And he got to face Darth Vader!!

He did good and defeated him!

He insisted on trying this hat on!!

Our brick at the Magic Kingdom. My parents bought it for us when we got married.

Alex with a new lightsaber.

More to come in the following posts!! :)

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