Wednesday, February 29, 2012

february 22- february 29

February 22- my regular volunteer day in Alex's class. They were making George Washington hats to celebrate Presidents Day this week. Aren't they the cutest group of Georges?? They were all SCREAMING George Washington!! So cute. I will have to let you all know that my son putting his hands in his pockets like that, is exactly what my grandfather did when he was standing around. I guess giving Alex my Bumpa's name for his middle name was perfect!

February 23- I was able to go hang out with some of the ladies I hung out with the previous Sunday at the Tavern in town. Gotta love $2.50 margaritas, good food and even better friends. All that is missing from that picture are little photo cutouts of us hanging in the window (we try to get the table by the window to seat everyone who joins in for the fun)

February 24- Hubby was at the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts and just so happened to stop by the Cheesecake Factory for a little dessert run. I should have taken a picture of the cakes but I didn't. Very tired that night so we'll have to go for the description on their website. For some reason, hubby and I always called this cake Nancy's cake. Not sure if we got the name wrong or if at some point they changed the name. But we call it Nancy's cake so sorry Linda. We love your cake but we give credit to someone else. LOL

February 25- I will admit, this picture was taken the following day as it was pitch black when this branch landed on our roof scaring hubby and I. It was quite windy during the day and once it got to be night it picked up a bit. This branch was thrown onto the roof and then slid to its current resting place. It sounded like someone was climbing the side of the house and it sure wasn't someone quiet like Spiderman!! We went out to investigate in the dark with a flashlight to make sure no damage had been done. I took this picture the next day.

February 26- Oh yeah... we have gotten into posting signs on our front lawn in favor of getting land for a new high school (at least that is what we want) but without this land, we won't even have the option of renovating the current building. But I digress... here is the sign on our front lawn. Ignore the icky brown grass.

February 27- Chuck E Cheese day with Alex, Kira and Kira's friend Maggie. Such a great day and good kids. They had fun. And so did mommy as some of my friends and their kids were also there!!

February 28- There was a runaway towel that decided it needed to fall behind the washer and my fabulous daughter sat on the washer trying to move it with a hanger to the corner so we could grab it. We got the towel, but the hanger... well it is now behind the washer until I pull everything out next week. Too much going on to worry about it this week!

February 29- Happy Leap Day!! The kids totally loved leaping off the wall. So much fun. Maybe we can do it again in four years and see how much they have grown!! Love it!

Ready for the next month! Very disappointed that my photo order did not come today. I thought it would be here so I could work on my Project Life but no such luck. Bummer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

february 19- february 21

February 19- Two carloads of my wonderful friends met up at Flatbread and it was so good!! Not only the amazing food but the fun we had. Thank goodness they had the sense to put a large group of women in a separate room. We were not out for a G-rated evening. After dinner we were off to see the ({VDay 2012})  presentation of The Vagina Monologues


Never been prouder to be a woman and to be with such great ladies. They are wonderful and supportive and understanding... and simply gorgeous women. I do believe it's good for them to be in my Project Life.

February 20- Slow cooker hot cocoa!! Seriously the best stuff on Earth. I found it on Pinterest. When I went to the blog to read up on it, the amounts were different than the picture that was posted on Pinterest so I went with that.

Here is the recipe that I use in case you are interested. But be warned, once you make it you will want it FOREVER!! One slow cooker, 2 cups heavy whipping cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 6 cups of milk (I have used both whole and 2% and it comes out great with both), 1 14ounce can of sweetened condensed milk and 2 cups of milk chocolate chips (not the semi sweet kind). Put it all together in your slow cooker on low for two hours. Stir it pretty often. After two hours enjoy the sweet goodness. I add mini marshmallows to mine. oh boy oh boy.

Anyway... this is my picture for that day.

February 21- I took this in the morning looking out my kitchen door. The snow is still there as by the time the sun gets warm, it has moved and that spot is in the shade. Someday it will go away.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

february 12- february 18

February 12- After our delicious breakfast, it was time for a family trip to Walmart. I know such a great highlight to the weekend for everyone. But Kira needed a present for a birthday party for this Saturday and we needed a few other things. My wonderful hubby found these pants for me on clearance! I am loving them so much. I know what I am wearing for the Daytona 500!! Go Tony!

February 13- Hubby bought these Build A Bear Workshop friends for the kiddos for Valentine's day. They each have magnets in their paws so they can blow kisses and hold hands!! So stinking cute. The pink cat is Kira's (named Kisses) and Alex's is the dog (named Hugs) Love them!!

February 14- There was a low key celebration in Kindergarten today. The best part of the day?? Each of the kids got to dress up like a mail person to deliver their Valentine's to their friends wonderfully decorated bags!! So adorable. There were three of the kids doing this at a time. Total fun but totally exhausting on the adults. Here's my little delivery man!

February 15- Alex has created a game called Hugs Clues. Instead of pawprints being left on clues, Hugs leaves hearts. I helped on that part by cutting three hearts for him to use. He also has some of the poster putty for them if they need to stick to the clue. We even get to sit in the thinking chair in his room so we can figure out Hugs Clues.

February 16- Mommy got a night out so daddy was in charge of bedtime. Instead of reading, Alex wanted to play a word game with daddy. It was totally stacked in favor of Alex and poor daddy didn't stand a chance of winning. At the end of the game, Alex wrote the below message to daddy on his easel. That is Alex giving daddy a raspberry!! I so love it. Daddy did too.

February 17- She has only been working on this tooth for over a month!! So glad it is finally out. The past couple of days have been crazy since she wouldn't let daddy tug it out and I am not strong stomached enough to handle even looking at it hanging by the thread that was there. Happy to see that hole in her smile-- finally!

February 18- Shhhh--- we must be careful or we may disturb these rare creatures in their natural habitat-- the lazy weekend-ius children-a-lotta. The good news is that they won't be doing much of this today (or tomorrow) as we are pretty well booked for most of the afternoon.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

february 8- february 11

February 8- Alex had a small battle with a sign pole at the elementary school at pick up time. Looks like the pole got the better of him. He also had a small cut on his chin. The spot is now a lovely shade of purple/ black. Poor kiddo.

February 9- My new and improved corner cabinet storage. I think I have finally gotten it to a usable space! It only took me almost 12 years.

February 10- Alex at Walmart trying to wave me over to the cupcake case. I was trying to get deli meat so he had to wait. That is definitely not something he does well.

February 11- Pancake breakfast at the elementary school for the chorus and band field trip. Pretty good pancakes and the service was great!! The kids got to the be servers for everyone who came. Wonderful group of kids.

 No snow today like was predicted. Not that I am complaining. This winter has been pretty decent weather wise. Especially since my front tires are so sad and pathetic. I cannot wait to get them changed in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

january 28- february 7

WOW! It's been awhile since I have done this. oh the shame.

January 28- Kira with her BFF Michaela at the Girl Scout Thinking Day this year. They are such pretty girls. Love them!!

January 29- This was the pile of crayon wrappers that I ended up with while making Alex's class their heart shaped crayons for Valentines Day. The teacher has requested no candy in the treat bags so I had to get creative. A word of wisdom on stripping crayons- buy the cheap crayons and not Crayola. Their paper is super glued to the crayon sticks!

January 30- Kira hanging out in her room at her desk working hard. ooops, wrong picture. This is her before bedtime playing with her large collection of Pokemon figures.

January 31- My little guy sleeping. I went in to check on him and found this adorable scene. I couldn't resist grabbing the camera and snapping a picture. Love his little hand on his head. So sweet.

 February 1- This is Alex's project for the 100th day of school. One hundred happy face stickers. So stinking cute and so Alex.

February 2- Hey look at that- it's the top of my desk! It had been missing for quite some time. The reason for the cleaning spree? I had lost a gift card that was needed the next day and had to find it. Good news, I did find it. Whew!

February 3- My morning breakfast date. Isn't he the most handsome guy ever?? We ate breakfast and then did a huge list of errands before we picked Alex up at 11am. Busy morning.

February 4- Look at this adorable speaker I found at Toys R Us!! It is made for an ipod or other Apple product so my non-ipod does not fit into the small space like it should, but it works for me to listen to my music in my office now. Love it. And Kermit rocks! Literally. LOL

February 5- Happy Birthday to the big guy in the middle. We had a football themed cake due to the playing of the Super Bowl on his birthday. It worked for us.

February 6- Alex's stack of books he picked out at the library while we were waiting for Kira to finish up with Girl Scouts. Pretty good collection of fun reads. And a DVD slipped in there as well.

February 7- This is the 100th day of school!! These are all the collections that everyone brought in. So darn neat to see everyone's collection and what they chose to bring. Have I mentioned my intense love affair with the kindergarten students this year?? Love them all.

Once again I am caught up. Whew... only took me uploading from three cameras. I need to stop using so many cameras. Getting hard to keep track of where all my pictures are.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

getting pictures

I am taking my pictures. Now need to get them off the cameras!! Maybe later today that can happen.