Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new years eve

It is that time already! At least I think so. I do need to set up my new album so I can be sure. I may actually have to wait a week before the official start of my 2012 Project Life. I think the 2011 album goes into 2012.

But I digress... the new year will be here before you know it and here you will find my pictures for the year. I am going to work hard to get them off my camera in a timely fashion. It may not be daily, but at least weekly. I feel that will help keep me organized this year.

I am faithfully using my Erin Condren life planner to record our daily happenings. I need to go through and update the Picture of the Days (POTD) for the last five or six weeks. I have them... just not written down in my planner. Oh yeah... I've got a code for York to order some prints on sale. All the more reason to get my act together.

But first I think I need a shower to warm up. Chilly here today and only getting colder. I think winter may have found us starting with the new year. darn.

I am still trying to kick this cold to the curb but it is holding on quite tightly. Hoping I will feel well enough to go to a friends New Years Eve party later. We went to see the Muppet movie yesterday and I wasn't sure I was going to make it through. Dumb cough and headache.

Shower, then organizing pictures for ordering. Yes. That is my day. Not everyone can live this glamorous life!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

look at that!!

Told you the Project Life stuff was coming to Amazon!! Becky made the announcement today. Check out her blog. I have now ordered the Cobalt Core Kit and the Cobalt Binder for 2012!! So very excited and cannot wait for them to get here on Friday.

Happy days are here again! ;)

crazy busy

It is that time of year so I guess it goes without saying. But still- breathing is sometimes good for you. I've been working on presents and decorating and cards and other goodies. I haven't baked a single cookie yet which is something that will need to be remedied this weekend. I know my family would love some sugar cookies.

I have heard from Becky Higgins that the new core kits will be in Amazon's warehouse this week!! oh my can you say happy me?? I know I can. That cobalt kit will be in my hot little hands!! Guess that means I should catch up my 2011 journaling. I had gotten through October but have not even touched November. I think I have all the pictures ready to be printed though. That's half the battle.

Off to work on some more cards. It never ends-