Saturday, June 23, 2012

june 10- june 16

June 10- Baking cupcakes for Kira's classmates to celebrate her birthday and brownies for her to bring in to a party with her fourth grade teacher.

June 11- Cupcakes all frosted and ready to go to school for Kira. Her teacher didn't mind the sweet snacks.

June 12- us on our way home from Boston after her field trip to walk the Freedom Trail. What a great time we had!!

June 13- Alex's class put on an end of the year show for us. He was singing and bopping along. Simply having a grand old time.

June 14- Kira with her wonderful fabulous teacher Mr. Jones!

Alex's class enjoying an ice cream party.


June 16- Kira's friends at her party at To Your Art's Content. What a wonderful time they all had!

june 3- june 9

June 3- Bubble boy in the tub.

June 4- Kira as the artist in the spotlight that the art teacher does. This was her first time getting into the spotlight!

June 5- We said goodbye to our play kitchen. It was time for it to be donated to the Rec Center preschool play group.

June 6- Poor Alex ended up with a UTI and at the doctor's. He was in such good spirits you would not have known the pain he was in. Silly kid.

June 7- The very first drama production at the elementary school! So proud to be a part of it. The majority of it was funded by the PTA.

June 8- Field Day at school. This year there were two water slides! It was the hit of the day for everyone!

Kira in the field day parade showing her Fiji colors.

June 9- Happy 11th Birthday Kira!! What a cheesy grin that girl has.

Friday, June 22, 2012

may 27- june 2

May 27- Lazy kind of day here at the Foltz House.

May 28- Happy Memorial Day! Alex is now hooked on the mighty avengers game thanks to hubby.

May 29- New napkin/ utensil holder for the table. My green one was not holding the silverware upright instead letting it slide down and not be where it was supposed to be. I got this one at Target. Those are all our Mickey silverwares.

May 30- Stopping to get some cash for Kira so she can enjoy her field trip to watch the Fisher Cats in Manchester.

May 31- Daddy was going to be home late so I made this Sunday chicken that I found on Pinterest. I turned it into a slow cooker meal as I didn't want to turn on the oven and heat the house up. It was pretty darn good.

June 1- We went to TGI Friday's for dinner. Alex was super excited to have the crayons. Works for me.

June 2- What a cool mileage!! I had to pull over at the local golf course to get this picture before I could continue on to my hair appointment. I have had the van for four years this August and I was happy to capture this moment!!

may 20- may 26

May 20- Bubble Alex in the tub.

May 21- Alex's favorite new program. Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior.

May 22- I had to create soda looking bottles for the PSA we were doing without having the kids have actual soda. Some acrylic paint and we were good to go!

May 23- Alex's breakfast most mornings. Cookies and cream pop tart... no crusts.

May 24- not sure why this one went sideways, but it did. I had parent orientation at the Junior/ Senior High School for Kira this night. Very large supply list this coming year.

May 25- Gold Medal winners at the Great East Festival in both chorus and band!! Then they got to go to Canobie Lake Park as a treat. Hubby did this field trip and took amazing pictures for me.

May 26- This is how Kira spends her time when it is 90 degrees outside. Lining her LPS dogs up with their tails toward the center of the room. I don't ask.

may 13- may 19

May 13- My piggies from the kiddos for Mother's Day.

Me and the kids before we went out to dinner for Mother's Day.

May 14- Hanging out borrowing McDonald's WiFi connection so Kira could update her 3DS. It took 40 minutes!!

May 15- Kira won this bulletin board from the Mommy and Me Tea in a raffle!!

May 16- Last spring concert for Kira and last concert for Mr. Zuricki. He will be missed as the band director.

May 17- Alex with the ducks that he and his classmates hatched from eggs.

May 18- Alex feeding the baby goats at Hickory Nut Farm on a kindergarten field trip.

May 19- Alex playing on the computer. It helps with his reading so I guess it's a good thing. Even better that he isn't totally addicted and can walk away when we ask him to.

may 6- may 12

May 6- This poor peep did not stand a chance at the crop.

May 7- Girl Scout meeting at the Town Library.

We had to return Cookie to the troop. She was made by them at a meeting. Not sure why, but they did.

May 8- Alex sitting on the floor at the dollar store. Don't know why, but he did.

May 9- My notes for our PSA that was filmed by our local cable access network that was done by the drama club kids.

May 10- Alex playing with a variety of goodies. Including my button collection.

May 11- I fell at the school in the driveway while picking Kira up. Stepped on a rock and down I went. The ankle is still a little tender and my right knee is not happy when I kneel on it.

May 12- Heading out to the Mommy and Me Tea that the Rec Center hosted.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

april 29- may 5

April 29- This will be a picture of the Rite Aid in our town. Not today... but it will appear in my album.

April 30- My jacket that I didn't realize had fallen off of my grocery cart until much later in the morning and I had to go back to the store. Thank goodness it was found by an honest employee who turned it in.

May 1- Raining. It would be a frequent theme of the month.

May 2- oh yes... we had to call them for our sewer line. Thank goodness there were no roots in the line just a small dip that caused the plug. Adding that to the things to do list.

May 3- Alex's pants drying from him running through the grass at pick up.

May 4- Me and my twin finally getting together for a scrappy weekend at our friend Nancy's place.

May 5- Super moon.