Friday, June 22, 2012

may 6- may 12

May 6- This poor peep did not stand a chance at the crop.

May 7- Girl Scout meeting at the Town Library.

We had to return Cookie to the troop. She was made by them at a meeting. Not sure why, but they did.

May 8- Alex sitting on the floor at the dollar store. Don't know why, but he did.

May 9- My notes for our PSA that was filmed by our local cable access network that was done by the drama club kids.

May 10- Alex playing with a variety of goodies. Including my button collection.

May 11- I fell at the school in the driveway while picking Kira up. Stepped on a rock and down I went. The ankle is still a little tender and my right knee is not happy when I kneel on it.

May 12- Heading out to the Mommy and Me Tea that the Rec Center hosted.

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