Wednesday, June 20, 2012

april 1- april 7

April 1- It's Pigeon's birthday!

April 2- It's mommy's birthday.

April 3- First sunny day and Alex HAD to go out and ride his bike. Check out the mittens on his hand because it was still so chilly.

April 4- Saved $0.60 a gallon on gas with Stop and Shop gas rewards at Shell. Very nice!

April 5- I am down and out with a nasty cold. Most likely caused by my working the book fair the previous week.

April 6- Still feeling horrible but went out to spend some of my birthday money on things for ME! That's what mom said I had to do. Now to figure out what to put into my smash book!!

April 7- Kira at the Rec Center Easter Egg hunt before her hunt.

Alex's bag after his hunt! He rocked this year!

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