Friday, June 22, 2012

may 13- may 19

May 13- My piggies from the kiddos for Mother's Day.

Me and the kids before we went out to dinner for Mother's Day.

May 14- Hanging out borrowing McDonald's WiFi connection so Kira could update her 3DS. It took 40 minutes!!

May 15- Kira won this bulletin board from the Mommy and Me Tea in a raffle!!

May 16- Last spring concert for Kira and last concert for Mr. Zuricki. He will be missed as the band director.

May 17- Alex with the ducks that he and his classmates hatched from eggs.

May 18- Alex feeding the baby goats at Hickory Nut Farm on a kindergarten field trip.

May 19- Alex playing on the computer. It helps with his reading so I guess it's a good thing. Even better that he isn't totally addicted and can walk away when we ask him to.

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