Friday, June 22, 2012

may 20- may 26

May 20- Bubble Alex in the tub.

May 21- Alex's favorite new program. Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior.

May 22- I had to create soda looking bottles for the PSA we were doing without having the kids have actual soda. Some acrylic paint and we were good to go!

May 23- Alex's breakfast most mornings. Cookies and cream pop tart... no crusts.

May 24- not sure why this one went sideways, but it did. I had parent orientation at the Junior/ Senior High School for Kira this night. Very large supply list this coming year.

May 25- Gold Medal winners at the Great East Festival in both chorus and band!! Then they got to go to Canobie Lake Park as a treat. Hubby did this field trip and took amazing pictures for me.

May 26- This is how Kira spends her time when it is 90 degrees outside. Lining her LPS dogs up with their tails toward the center of the room. I don't ask.

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