Wednesday, June 20, 2012

march 20- march 24

I am the worst of the worst! Seriously... it has been since March since I have posted here. WOW! The good news is that I have gone through and updated all my pictures and am proud to say I am only missing one picture! I thought I had taken a picture of our Rite Aid but alas I cannot find it. My guess is that it didn't come out very well. No biggie, I'll get it later. So there will be a few months worth of messages today. Happy scrolling!!

March 20- making favors for Alex's classmates for his birthday. I printed up the labels for the bubbles and added a pencil to them. Alex's teacher doesn't like sweets to be brought in for birthdays so we're doing these along with animal crackers and juice. It was fun. Ms. Lazarus even let the kids blow bubbles on the playground!! 

March 21- Happy Birthday Alex!! Yup... I made a Pikachu cake for him. Not easy but so worth it as he loved it. That is after he got over the disappointment that it wasn't a blue circle cake.

Present time! More Pokemon figures for both kids.

March 22- Alex by his Georgia O' Keefe inspired drawing for the school wide art show.

Kira's Picasso inspired masterpiece for the school wide art show.

March 23- Kira HAD to take a picture of this bunny when we were shopping at Walmart.

March 24- The girls at Maggie's birthday party.

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