Thursday, August 30, 2012

august 12- august 18

August 12- My super heroes in their matching shirts along with Alex's Captain Starry America.

August 13- Kids being totally silly. Almost back to school time!!

August 14- Alex playing with his very large collection of Pokemon figures.

August 15- Alex with new Webkinz dog.

August 15- Dave ran into Jeff Burton down in Boston!

August 16- The straw wrappers at Wendy's work well for sticking into people's hair when you blow them!!

August 17- Homemade Friendly's style sundaes for the kids. Yummy!!

August 18- She is so adorable!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

august 5- august 11

August 5- Apple muffins with breakfast. Love that my hubby does this for our family.

August 6- The men playing video games.

August 7- Kira trying on glasses before our eye appointment.

August 8- Kids at Jackson's Landing in Durham for a playdate with Nicole and her crew.

August 9- Painting a Christmas present for Nana at To Your Art's Content.

August 10- Kids at Outback in Manchester for dinner.

August 11- Quite a load of Webkinz having a dance party in Kira's room.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

july 29- august 4

July 29- Trevore's party at Chuck E Cheese. Both kids made me a picture. So cute!!

July 30- Kira's room with that lived in look.

July 31- Take me to your leader? LOL

 August 1- Don't ask.

August 2- Fun-da- middles cupcakes. Made in my BabyCakes cupcake machine.

August 3- Cedar spending the night.

August 4- Mickey Waffles for breakfast.

Monday, August 27, 2012

july 22 - july 28

July 22- Alex's Pokemon figures doing battle or something on the floor of the playroom.

July 23- Someone running and jumping too much and got hurt on the new television storage unit in the playroom.

July 24- Raining. Started with really BIG drops.

July 25- At To Your Art's Content.

July 25- At To Your Art's Content.

July 26- Popcorn and a movie. Blue's Clues rocks!!

July 27- Bubble bath time!!

July 28- Kira's hair. We are getting it cut soon. Mommy is sad.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

july 15- july 21

July 15- Kira hanging in Nana's pool chair.

July 16- Driving to Maine to hang with my twin!

July 17- Raining all day turns into this amazing sunset on the lake. Beautiful!

July 18- Saying goodbye to the lake.

July 19- Hanging at Aunt Joellen's pool.

July 19- Kira's Webkinz cat standing up sleeping. There are a few glitches on Webkinz World.

July 20- Driving home from Syracuse. Lovely traffic in Massachusetts.

July 21- Doesn't take long for the toys to return to the desk!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

july 8 - july 14

July 8- We went to see SpiderMan in 3D. Pretty good movie. I am trying to keep up with all the re-boots that are coming out.

July 9- Kira's room is all set for her to return.

July 10- New chairs for the kids to lounge in while watching movies or playing video games. They are so comfy!! And a little extra popcorn bucket with some M&M's inside. All from Walmart!

July 11- Went to Michael's to pick up some photo boxes to use as storage for the kids art supplies. I need to label them but I love the look and how easy it is for the kids to get to.

July 12- We are heading to Disney!!

July 13- Alex hanging in Nana's pool inside of her chair.

July 14- Kids picking tomatoes from the tomato tree my dad grew this year.

Friday, August 24, 2012

july 1- july 7

July 1- Put the IKEA furniture together to redo the playroom for the kids. Lots of storage for not a ton of money. I am quite happy.

July 2- Went to see "Ted" It was okay. Not my kind of humor I guess.

July 3- Nana and Papa took the kids to the Corning glass factory again this year. Alex did so good as he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He created a beautiful wind chime.

July 4- Happy Independence Day!!

July 5- Cleaning of Alex's room.

July 6- Tried out Telly's in Epping. Pretty darn good food.

July 7- Cleaning of Kira's room. Had to get everything off the floor so the carpet could be cleaned.