Saturday, August 25, 2012

july 8 - july 14

July 8- We went to see SpiderMan in 3D. Pretty good movie. I am trying to keep up with all the re-boots that are coming out.

July 9- Kira's room is all set for her to return.

July 10- New chairs for the kids to lounge in while watching movies or playing video games. They are so comfy!! And a little extra popcorn bucket with some M&M's inside. All from Walmart!

July 11- Went to Michael's to pick up some photo boxes to use as storage for the kids art supplies. I need to label them but I love the look and how easy it is for the kids to get to.

July 12- We are heading to Disney!!

July 13- Alex hanging in Nana's pool inside of her chair.

July 14- Kids picking tomatoes from the tomato tree my dad grew this year.

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