Wednesday, August 22, 2012

june 17- june 23

June 17- Kira trying to take pictures of all her Webkinz for a contest on the site. We didn't get the photo entered but it is still a cute shot.

June 18- Kira at her annual check up acting so darn silly. Love this girl.

June 19- Momma and her ducklings crossed the road in front of our house, jumped off the retaining wall (some ducklings a little more gracefully than others) and trotted across the driveway to the neighbors backyard to the wetlands behind the yard.

June 19- I think daddy is totally enjoying buying all this super hero stuff for Alex.

June 20- Ran to the school when we realized that we had left Kira's saxophone on the last day of school! oops

June 21- One of Alex's new favorite shows- Octonauts.

June 22- Hanging out at Friday's waiting to eat. She has some of the cutest expressions.

June 23- Driving to Syracuse. Love our E-Z Pass!

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