Thursday, January 31, 2013

november 25- december 1

November 25- Getting the decorations up outside. It was sooooo cold. Both kids left before everything was done. On the inside the elves finished hanging Alex's wind chime from the summer.

November 26- They want cookies!! I mean seriously. So demanding!!

November 27- Elf milk?? Who knew?

November 28- Playing scrabble. Not a game for the weak.

November 29- Each of the elves cut out snowflakes for the kids rooms. Cookie was hanging out in Kira's room.

November 30- Having a day at the beach since it is so darn cold today!! Wish I was at the beach.

December 1- The elves filled up the Advent calendar and put it on the mantle. They are so helpful!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

november 18- november 24

November 18- Kira laying on the couch waiting for dinner to arrive from Jeremy's!!

November 19- Me sitting in the van waiting for Kira to join me so I can take her to school.

November 20- Time for Kira to be in the van. But she is not.

November 21- Scout is back with a friend!! Cookie has joined our family for the holiday season.

November 22- Hanging in our candy dish for the day. Scout is sporting a new scarf this year. It matches Cookie's skirt.

November 23- Getting a good look around Alex's room today. And a wonderful surprise in the mail! Kira is an honor student!! Of course we knew that. Way to go Kira!!

November 24- Underwear hanging from the curtains?? We have some silly elves this year.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

november 11- november 17

November 11- Family picture time! Crystal at Build a Bear in the Mall of NH took these for us.

November 12- Working on cards with the kiddos home from school today.

November 13- Dining reservations made for our Spring trip!!

November 14- Love the look of this tree against the blue sky.

November 15- Rough day with the kiddos. Chocolate overdose should make it better.

November 16- Just when I think they won't play with certain toys- they dig them out of the closet and spread them all over the playroom for an afternoon!!

November 17- I am feeling horrible. But my comfy cozy warm and fuzzy Animal pants are keeping me warm and toasty while I rest.

Monday, January 28, 2013

november 4- november 10

November 4- Alex lost another tooth!! Right before bedtime he yanked it right out of his head. Brave little guy.

November 5- Teaching me about how the "e" kicks the "a"'s butt in 'make'. I love it.

November 6- After voting we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a little breakfast energy for our day.

November 7- So peaceful on the kindergarten playground.

November 8- Mother and Son dance. My handsome little escort.

November 9- The chocolate stampede at Longhorn could not be conquered. We tried but we failed.

November 10- My tired little guy. He needs sleep!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

october 28- november 3

October 28- Baking to have stuff in case of losing power due to Hurricane Sandy. Lots of goodies there!!

October 29- We put the kids on the air mattresses in the family room for the night due to the high winds from Sandy. They slept better being close to us.

October 30- We lost a couple of shingles from the garage roof during the winds from Sandy. But that is the extent of the damage. whew!

October 31- Cards to the kids from Grandpa.

November 1- Poor daddy ended up with a really bad case of poison ivy from cleaning up the front yard debris before the storm.

November 2- Kira spilled the entire gum package on the floor of the van. It was so funny. At least to me.

November 3- Kira and I went to Crackskulls for some hot chocolate and girl talk then dyed the under part of her hair purple (which came out so cool) while daddy and Alex went to see "Wreck It Ralph"

Saturday, January 26, 2013

october 21- october 27

October 21- Picture taken by my dad. Love the purple with the green! So very pretty.

October 22- Alex lost his first tooth!! It came out in school so he got to have a tooth necklace to keep the tooth safe until he got home!

October 23- All set for bed with his holey grin!!

October 24- Six month check up for Kira at the dentists office.

October 25- Daddy playing War with Alex during Open House. He was so excited to show daddy around his classroom since mommy is there every week I knew everything!! So cute.

October 26- Our pumpkins on the deck stairs. Pretty aren't they??

October 27- Alex in the bounce house at the town's Halloween Haunt. He had such a good time and it was a lovely sunny day. Perfect for the party.

Friday, January 25, 2013

october 14- october 20

October 14- Time to make the cookies. Spritz cookies that is!

October 15- Trying out Panzanella's for the first time. Good food and the kids ate well!!

October 16-  Alex had his well child check up. So cute!! Also there was an earthquake in Maine that night. Never a dull moment around here.

October 17- Taco time!!

October 18- Spaghetti supper at the elementary school to support the PE department. Pretty displays on the tables this year.

October 19- Kira in her costume fresh from Nana's hands!!

October 20- Alex's new Pokemon book that got a bit wet in his backpack thanks to a leaking thermos.