Thursday, January 17, 2013

august 19- august 25

August 19- New way for Alex to get his own milk whenever he wants. It also helps from having Kira spill any milk. Pretty darn clever of me. Alex is so happy to be able to do this whenever he wants a drink.

August 20- Kira hanging at the doctors after her Gardasil shot. We had to wait a few minutes to make sure there wasn't any reaction on her part. I am pretty sure they would not consider this a reaction.

August 21- Took kids to Barnes and Noble to pick up the new book in the Survivors series. She had it read in two days!!

August 22- New rewards card from Michaels. Not sure if this is a good thing or not that I am now a gold rewards member.

August 23- The mess of having Friendly type sundaes before bed.

August 24- Sad day on Sesame Street.

August 25- Hung out with my girl. Here we are at Crackskulls.

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