Sunday, January 20, 2013

september 9- september 15

September 9- Look at that!! A clean desk. With the next project waiting to make a mess!! 

September 10- Waiting in line to pick up Kira from the Junior/ Senior High School.

September 11- I fell at the elementary school. HARD!! My poor knee was very banged up. I was even missing a piece or two of skin. Gross.

September 12- Alex's life cycle poster using macaroni. (Don't know why the picture turned.)

September 13- Waking Kira up in the mornings is not an easy job. I'm sure the flash in her eyes didn't help at all either!!

September 14- Working on some gift card holders for my card party.

September 15- Took the kiddos to see Finding Nemo 3D on the big screen!! Totally amazing. Loved it. After which we went to Barnes and Noble for some reading material.

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