Wednesday, January 23, 2013

september 30- october 6

September 30- New jammies and we have Captain America in the house to protect us!!

October 1- The newest trend- twine. I am feeling the love and cannot wait to create!!

October 2- Alex's homework chart for the month. Color in every day that we read 20 minutes or more. Loving this kind of homework!!

October 3- My giggle guy before bed.

October 4- Reading. Reading and more Reading. I am totally not complaining. Just stating a fact.

October 5- Daddy off so we took the kids to the rec center playground after school. Alex was loving how high daddy was pushing him!!

October 6- Icky colored leaves this fall. But for the fun part... almost 70 degrees in October!! We'll take it and get some fun pictures in the process.

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