Wednesday, January 30, 2013

november 18- november 24

November 18- Kira laying on the couch waiting for dinner to arrive from Jeremy's!!

November 19- Me sitting in the van waiting for Kira to join me so I can take her to school.

November 20- Time for Kira to be in the van. But she is not.

November 21- Scout is back with a friend!! Cookie has joined our family for the holiday season.

November 22- Hanging in our candy dish for the day. Scout is sporting a new scarf this year. It matches Cookie's skirt.

November 23- Getting a good look around Alex's room today. And a wonderful surprise in the mail! Kira is an honor student!! Of course we knew that. Way to go Kira!!

November 24- Underwear hanging from the curtains?? We have some silly elves this year.

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