Thursday, January 24, 2013

october 7- october 13

October 7- Loving how Alex is beginning to draw more details on his pictures. Sad he keeps doing it on his white board! Gotta snap those pictures fast before he erases them!

October 8- The perfect place to spend some time- on a swing!!

October 9- Alex with his nighttime collection of friends. The two bottom dogs are always in the pile.

October 10- Kira doing a backbend!! This has been a bone of contention between her and the PE teacher since the beginning of school. I am pretty proud of her to be able to do it!!

October 11- Alex does not want to go to bed tonight!! Hiding behind the cuddle chair.

October 12- Friday playing at the rec center playground with other kids. Nothing better than this!!

October 13- More creating for me!! Wonder if I will see my desk again??

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