Sunday, January 27, 2013

october 28- november 3

October 28- Baking to have stuff in case of losing power due to Hurricane Sandy. Lots of goodies there!!

October 29- We put the kids on the air mattresses in the family room for the night due to the high winds from Sandy. They slept better being close to us.

October 30- We lost a couple of shingles from the garage roof during the winds from Sandy. But that is the extent of the damage. whew!

October 31- Cards to the kids from Grandpa.

November 1- Poor daddy ended up with a really bad case of poison ivy from cleaning up the front yard debris before the storm.

November 2- Kira spilled the entire gum package on the floor of the van. It was so funny. At least to me.

November 3- Kira and I went to Crackskulls for some hot chocolate and girl talk then dyed the under part of her hair purple (which came out so cool) while daddy and Alex went to see "Wreck It Ralph"

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