Friday, January 27, 2012

children's museum field trip

Today was an amazing day. I was able to go with the kindergarten class on their field trip to the Children's Museum. Such a great group of kiddos. Love them all to pieces!!

January 27- This will probably end up being the POTD...Alex coming out of the submarine. (I think I have a picture like this of Kira doing the same thing. Need to find it)

Then again, this would be a great group picture for Project Life. I could save it for Alex's school years book.

This one is pretty darn cute! The author of the book that was represented in that room was on the phone when you lifted it up. He thought it was pretty amazing.

Of course I could use this one with King Alex!!

Gonna be a hard day to decide which picture to use. Who knows what it will be? Certainly not me!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

january 21- january 26

Catching up with my pictures!! 

January 21- Kira loves these cookies. I haven't made them in a couple years but she asked so nicely so I did. She has been slowly gobbling them up.

January 22- I took the kids out to play in the snow. Totally out of character for me as I am a total hibernating kind of gal but these kids- they cannot get enough of the snow. Maybe they are not really my kids?

January 23- We hung out at the library while Kira had her Girl Scout meeting. Alex simply loves this toucan when he is there. I thought he deserved a place of honor in our Project Life this year.

January 24- My silly silly little girl. We were finishing up dinner (Alex had already run away) and she decided she would like a 'milkshake'. More like a cup full of bubbles! What a face!

January 25- Me and my little guy at lunchtime. Kira didn't want her picture taken so I took mine and Alex's.

January 26- My daughter. As much as I love her, I question her sense sometimes. She took her snow boots and stood and walked through the rather large puddles at the school one day. Then she came home with sneakers on but no socks as her feet were SOAKED from recess. Not only were her socks and feet wet but her snow boots were drenched. Seriously, they were dripping water out of the bag she carries them in. I have no clue how to dry them out so we improvised today and she is wearing my duck feet from 1988 or so. The good part is that they are still in great shape and they almost fit her feet. At least her feet were dry today for recess.

 The end of the month is coming. I hope to get the pictures developed and my journaling done, I want to share some Project Life pages and not just my POTD's!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

january 17- january 20

January 17- When hubby goes out of town, the kiddos come and spend the night with me. One sleeps in the bed, one gets the air mattress. This night it was Alex's turn for the air mattress. He looks so small in it.

January 18- I tried to take the kids out to dinner at Friendly's in Exeter- only to find out it has closed. Man were the kids bummed. Kira even mentioned that their name is FRIENDLY'S and closing down is not very friendly at all. We then had a quick economics lesson which she totally didn't understand and tried to blame it on Texas Roadhouse. So funny. Anywho, we ended up in Portsmouth at TGI Fridays. For dessert we had their Oreo Madness. Not exactly the same as create your own sundae, but it was good.

January 19- Sitting in the van waiting for Kira to come out from chorus and it starts snowing! It was so cold Alex and I waited inside for her. It was warmer!

January 20- Open Gym at the Rec Center. Alex was hiding under one of the structures they set up. So stinking cute!! There were three kids there on Friday- Alex, a girl who was 19 months and a boy who was 14 months. But he had fun.

Bring on this week. I think we are ready for it now that daddy is back home from his conference.

Monday, January 16, 2012

january 13 through january 16

Keeping up with these pictures!! So happy for me. Of course these are my raw uncropped and fixed pictures but they are here!!

January 13- hubby doing the snow blower since we had a two hour delay. The day before we got the snow (was not supposed to be this much) and it was supposed to rain and get to 40. Nope... by the time the rain came it was below freezing so that made the driveway covered in snow now also covered in ice! Man oh man. My wonderful hubby cleared me a spot to pull my van into to get the kids. Did I park there? Nope, put it in the snow and got myself good and stuck! I need new tires in a bad way. Got out and got Kira and Maggie to school.

January 14- We took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast 3D. It is my all time favorite Disney movie. We have seen the play three times. Once in Toronto, once in Boston and once in a local production in Syracuse. I cry every time I see it. Play, movie, video whatever. I cry. Saturday was no different. I do have to give props to my hubby for actually wearing his shirt to the movies considering it was around 20 degrees out! I guess he really does love me! LOL

January 15- Speaking of love... nothing says I love you more than a faucet that does not drip. Ours was on its last legs. Really it would not stop dripping no matter which way you turned the little handle. It was beyond tightening the screw inside the handle. It was time for a new one. Thank goodness we had bought one a few months ago.

I went to a birthday party with Alex for one of his school friends and my fabulous wonderful amazing hubby switched out the faucet for me! oh my goodness. So darn happy. If you knew our house, you would understand that any project we start, usually ends up with one of us having to go to the local hardware store for something to repair a previously messed up fix from the previous homeowner. But since we had installed the sink... it went pretty darn easy. The hardest part for him was getting the old one off. He had to find the directions for it and then figured it out. Isn't it purty??

January 16- Jammie day for both kids. Seems to be many jammie days during the winter around here. This was at one point when they were attached to their DS's (Kira was looking up something on her game on the computer) Happy to say, they did not spend their entire day off with electronics. They were actually pretty darn good today considering they were together since Saturday!!

Wondering what this week will bring. Looking forward to finding out!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

january 8 through january 12

Hey look at that! I downloaded my pictures from my cameras! Woohoo, it's a party in here! Yes I said cameras as I have my larger digital, my point and shoot that is always with me and I have been using Kira's when I don't feel like running and grabbing one of the other two. That usually happens when I am upstairs and cameras are downstairs. I hate to miss the kiddos doing anything cute!

January 8- The kiddos having a bit of a snack. Nana and Papa gave them these pop corn containers for Christmas. It was so funny as we had walked by them at Target and hubby asked if we should get them for the kiddos. I said nah- I don't think they would use them. Well, goes to show you how well this mom knows her kids. eeeek. At least Papa was on the ball.

January 9- Kira's sock with a little face. I was working on a cutting project for Alex's teacher and had my Sharpie out to outline my pattern to cut. She put her foot right in the way so her sock became decorated. It was so funny as she was flabbergasted that I would write on her sock. Especially seeing as that sock was brand spanking new! Hey, you gotta have some fun sometimes. And he does look kinda cute.

January 9 part two- I had a bag of jammies that I was giving to my friend Nicole. These jammies were made by Nana for Kira but my lady has grown right out of them. Yes they look brand new and I am happy to say that Emily is wearing them and LOVING them. Always nice that things can go to a good home. I am not sure which picture to use. We'll have to see when I go to print them out. Decisions, decisions.

January 10- I don't think this is the picture I will use but at least it is here. Kevin Skarupa from WMUR visited the 5th grade class since they are studying weather. It was pretty darn cool and Kira totally enjoyed it. She got his autograph (who knew that meteorologists were superstars worthy of autographs?) and I think I will scan that to use instead.

January 11- My little guy bringing his Webkinz dragon in the van for the ride to school. He can't bring it to school but knowing it is in the van makes him  happy. Simple things are the best.

January 11- Then there is this amazing picture of Alex's class with their gingerbread men that they created. Talk about hard choices as to which picture to choose! Both may work if I crop the above one to fit in a smaller pocket. We shall see.

January 12- oh baby have we got snow today!! Alex stayed home from school with a fever and hubby and I had scheduled a tour of the high school. I sent hubby to the tour and along the way he dropped off Kira at her school. I'm sure she totally loved driving alone with daddy. So cute. That snow was coming down pretty good at the time. We haven't finished today but I can't imagine a better picture for the day.

Hey look at that- I am caught up. oh I knew I could do this. Of course I still haven't gotten my binder set up but it will happen. Hoping for this weekend in between many other fun things.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

slow and steady

  • I am journaling faithfully in my wonderful Life Planner from Erin Condren. Which reminds me I should take a picture of it as it is so amazingly wonderful.
  • I am taking pictures. Trying to capture this crazy life that is us. Different angles, different scenes, you know... not the usual or what I have already taken for my previous Project Life albums.
  • I am trying to be a good mom and wife. Sometimes I don't feel I am doing so good and others I think I rock the world.
  • I am enjoying 2012. Even if the world ends this year. LOL :)
Feeling a little sentimental today. My poor little guy has a nasty cough and runny nose that will not go away. He is tired and cuddly (not complaining on the cuddling part at all) but I feel so bad for him. I would love to take it all away and make him better. Hoping soon he will be back to his 100% full of vim and vigor kind of self.

Plus I am hoping that if you are reading this you are not noticing my lack of pictures. I have them- on my camera but this tired worried mommy is heading to bed. When kids are sick, mommy doesn't sleep well.

Monday, January 9, 2012

january 3 through january 7

Okay, I need to work on getting the pictures off my camera and posted. I'll get there. And really these are the ones from the end of Project Life 2011 so I guess I can cut myself some slack. ;)

January 3- shopping at Walmart without kids. Always a good thing as I can get done quicker which is always good when you have to go to the vortex.

January 4- Alex running around outside at PM pick up. He totally loves to run all around instead of going inside to wait WHERE IT IS WARM!! Good thing he lets me bundle him up!!

January 5- This is the mess from me working on my Project Life 2011. I was doing the journaling on all the pictures that I uploaded to York. That way once the pictures get here, I can slap them in and call 2011 done!! Go me.

January 6- Look at that. We got some snow. And by some I mean it was totally gone by noon once the sun came out. But it was snow and the kids were happy. Strange winter around here.

January 7- Christmas is all packed and ready to go back to the garage. And this is not all my totes. Some were already downstairs when I took the picture. But Christmas next year will be different- in a good way but different. I am already looking forward to it.

So now here I am all ready for Project Life 2012! Bring it on. Guess that means I should get my binder set up. Oh there's time... it is only the 9th of January!! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012


Pictures on camera for the past week-- check.
Journaling in Life Planner for this week-- check
Update blog-- half check
Get pictures into computer and onto blog-- tomorrow promise

Monday, January 2, 2012

january 1 and 2, 2012

Howdy ho there Project Lifers!! If there is anyone out there. LOL Anywho... my 2011 Project Life runs through January 7, 2012 so the following pictures are for 2011 and not 2012 but I am at least trying to keep up with this blog!! ;)

This first picture is for January 1, 2012. My silly kids in their feetie jammies. Alex's were made by Nana. Kira's store bought. But she does have some from Nana as well.

Now for January 2, 2012... I'm not sure if I will print both pictures and crop one to fit in the smaller journal spot space or will combine them into one 4X6. But here are the kiddos at Kelly's Roast Beef today. Alex was in dire need of a haircut and he will only allow Snip It's to touch his hair. Of course the closest Snip It's is very close to Kelly's. Love when he needs a haircut. Kira is excited because Kelly's has this great Coke machine which dispenses many flavors of drinks and we allowed her the treat to have grape soda with lunch. As you can see, she is happy with this.

And here is my little man all freshly cut and handsome. He was beyond wonderful in the chair today. The hairdresser was quite impressed with him. He's really good as long as you don't approach him with the clippers. He hates the sound on his head. Someday maybe we can do his hair at home. Not that I am pushing for him to give up Snip It's. I like my Kelly's treat!!

I have a code for York photo for cheap prints so I am getting the rest of my Project Life 2011 pictures uploaded to print. Thank goodness the code goes through the 9th and I only need through the 7th to finish 2011!! Yahooie!!