Monday, January 16, 2012

january 13 through january 16

Keeping up with these pictures!! So happy for me. Of course these are my raw uncropped and fixed pictures but they are here!!

January 13- hubby doing the snow blower since we had a two hour delay. The day before we got the snow (was not supposed to be this much) and it was supposed to rain and get to 40. Nope... by the time the rain came it was below freezing so that made the driveway covered in snow now also covered in ice! Man oh man. My wonderful hubby cleared me a spot to pull my van into to get the kids. Did I park there? Nope, put it in the snow and got myself good and stuck! I need new tires in a bad way. Got out and got Kira and Maggie to school.

January 14- We took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast 3D. It is my all time favorite Disney movie. We have seen the play three times. Once in Toronto, once in Boston and once in a local production in Syracuse. I cry every time I see it. Play, movie, video whatever. I cry. Saturday was no different. I do have to give props to my hubby for actually wearing his shirt to the movies considering it was around 20 degrees out! I guess he really does love me! LOL

January 15- Speaking of love... nothing says I love you more than a faucet that does not drip. Ours was on its last legs. Really it would not stop dripping no matter which way you turned the little handle. It was beyond tightening the screw inside the handle. It was time for a new one. Thank goodness we had bought one a few months ago.

I went to a birthday party with Alex for one of his school friends and my fabulous wonderful amazing hubby switched out the faucet for me! oh my goodness. So darn happy. If you knew our house, you would understand that any project we start, usually ends up with one of us having to go to the local hardware store for something to repair a previously messed up fix from the previous homeowner. But since we had installed the sink... it went pretty darn easy. The hardest part for him was getting the old one off. He had to find the directions for it and then figured it out. Isn't it purty??

January 16- Jammie day for both kids. Seems to be many jammie days during the winter around here. This was at one point when they were attached to their DS's (Kira was looking up something on her game on the computer) Happy to say, they did not spend their entire day off with electronics. They were actually pretty darn good today considering they were together since Saturday!!

Wondering what this week will bring. Looking forward to finding out!

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