Thursday, January 12, 2012

january 8 through january 12

Hey look at that! I downloaded my pictures from my cameras! Woohoo, it's a party in here! Yes I said cameras as I have my larger digital, my point and shoot that is always with me and I have been using Kira's when I don't feel like running and grabbing one of the other two. That usually happens when I am upstairs and cameras are downstairs. I hate to miss the kiddos doing anything cute!

January 8- The kiddos having a bit of a snack. Nana and Papa gave them these pop corn containers for Christmas. It was so funny as we had walked by them at Target and hubby asked if we should get them for the kiddos. I said nah- I don't think they would use them. Well, goes to show you how well this mom knows her kids. eeeek. At least Papa was on the ball.

January 9- Kira's sock with a little face. I was working on a cutting project for Alex's teacher and had my Sharpie out to outline my pattern to cut. She put her foot right in the way so her sock became decorated. It was so funny as she was flabbergasted that I would write on her sock. Especially seeing as that sock was brand spanking new! Hey, you gotta have some fun sometimes. And he does look kinda cute.

January 9 part two- I had a bag of jammies that I was giving to my friend Nicole. These jammies were made by Nana for Kira but my lady has grown right out of them. Yes they look brand new and I am happy to say that Emily is wearing them and LOVING them. Always nice that things can go to a good home. I am not sure which picture to use. We'll have to see when I go to print them out. Decisions, decisions.

January 10- I don't think this is the picture I will use but at least it is here. Kevin Skarupa from WMUR visited the 5th grade class since they are studying weather. It was pretty darn cool and Kira totally enjoyed it. She got his autograph (who knew that meteorologists were superstars worthy of autographs?) and I think I will scan that to use instead.

January 11- My little guy bringing his Webkinz dragon in the van for the ride to school. He can't bring it to school but knowing it is in the van makes him  happy. Simple things are the best.

January 11- Then there is this amazing picture of Alex's class with their gingerbread men that they created. Talk about hard choices as to which picture to choose! Both may work if I crop the above one to fit in a smaller pocket. We shall see.

January 12- oh baby have we got snow today!! Alex stayed home from school with a fever and hubby and I had scheduled a tour of the high school. I sent hubby to the tour and along the way he dropped off Kira at her school. I'm sure she totally loved driving alone with daddy. So cute. That snow was coming down pretty good at the time. We haven't finished today but I can't imagine a better picture for the day.

Hey look at that- I am caught up. oh I knew I could do this. Of course I still haven't gotten my binder set up but it will happen. Hoping for this weekend in between many other fun things.

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