Thursday, January 26, 2012

january 21- january 26

Catching up with my pictures!! 

January 21- Kira loves these cookies. I haven't made them in a couple years but she asked so nicely so I did. She has been slowly gobbling them up.

January 22- I took the kids out to play in the snow. Totally out of character for me as I am a total hibernating kind of gal but these kids- they cannot get enough of the snow. Maybe they are not really my kids?

January 23- We hung out at the library while Kira had her Girl Scout meeting. Alex simply loves this toucan when he is there. I thought he deserved a place of honor in our Project Life this year.

January 24- My silly silly little girl. We were finishing up dinner (Alex had already run away) and she decided she would like a 'milkshake'. More like a cup full of bubbles! What a face!

January 25- Me and my little guy at lunchtime. Kira didn't want her picture taken so I took mine and Alex's.

January 26- My daughter. As much as I love her, I question her sense sometimes. She took her snow boots and stood and walked through the rather large puddles at the school one day. Then she came home with sneakers on but no socks as her feet were SOAKED from recess. Not only were her socks and feet wet but her snow boots were drenched. Seriously, they were dripping water out of the bag she carries them in. I have no clue how to dry them out so we improvised today and she is wearing my duck feet from 1988 or so. The good part is that they are still in great shape and they almost fit her feet. At least her feet were dry today for recess.

 The end of the month is coming. I hope to get the pictures developed and my journaling done, I want to share some Project Life pages and not just my POTD's!!

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