Monday, January 9, 2012

january 3 through january 7

Okay, I need to work on getting the pictures off my camera and posted. I'll get there. And really these are the ones from the end of Project Life 2011 so I guess I can cut myself some slack. ;)

January 3- shopping at Walmart without kids. Always a good thing as I can get done quicker which is always good when you have to go to the vortex.

January 4- Alex running around outside at PM pick up. He totally loves to run all around instead of going inside to wait WHERE IT IS WARM!! Good thing he lets me bundle him up!!

January 5- This is the mess from me working on my Project Life 2011. I was doing the journaling on all the pictures that I uploaded to York. That way once the pictures get here, I can slap them in and call 2011 done!! Go me.

January 6- Look at that. We got some snow. And by some I mean it was totally gone by noon once the sun came out. But it was snow and the kids were happy. Strange winter around here.

January 7- Christmas is all packed and ready to go back to the garage. And this is not all my totes. Some were already downstairs when I took the picture. But Christmas next year will be different- in a good way but different. I am already looking forward to it.

So now here I am all ready for Project Life 2012! Bring it on. Guess that means I should get my binder set up. Oh there's time... it is only the 9th of January!! :)

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