Sunday, January 22, 2012

january 17- january 20

January 17- When hubby goes out of town, the kiddos come and spend the night with me. One sleeps in the bed, one gets the air mattress. This night it was Alex's turn for the air mattress. He looks so small in it.

January 18- I tried to take the kids out to dinner at Friendly's in Exeter- only to find out it has closed. Man were the kids bummed. Kira even mentioned that their name is FRIENDLY'S and closing down is not very friendly at all. We then had a quick economics lesson which she totally didn't understand and tried to blame it on Texas Roadhouse. So funny. Anywho, we ended up in Portsmouth at TGI Fridays. For dessert we had their Oreo Madness. Not exactly the same as create your own sundae, but it was good.

January 19- Sitting in the van waiting for Kira to come out from chorus and it starts snowing! It was so cold Alex and I waited inside for her. It was warmer!

January 20- Open Gym at the Rec Center. Alex was hiding under one of the structures they set up. So stinking cute!! There were three kids there on Friday- Alex, a girl who was 19 months and a boy who was 14 months. But he had fun.

Bring on this week. I think we are ready for it now that daddy is back home from his conference.

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