Monday, January 2, 2012

january 1 and 2, 2012

Howdy ho there Project Lifers!! If there is anyone out there. LOL Anywho... my 2011 Project Life runs through January 7, 2012 so the following pictures are for 2011 and not 2012 but I am at least trying to keep up with this blog!! ;)

This first picture is for January 1, 2012. My silly kids in their feetie jammies. Alex's were made by Nana. Kira's store bought. But she does have some from Nana as well.

Now for January 2, 2012... I'm not sure if I will print both pictures and crop one to fit in the smaller journal spot space or will combine them into one 4X6. But here are the kiddos at Kelly's Roast Beef today. Alex was in dire need of a haircut and he will only allow Snip It's to touch his hair. Of course the closest Snip It's is very close to Kelly's. Love when he needs a haircut. Kira is excited because Kelly's has this great Coke machine which dispenses many flavors of drinks and we allowed her the treat to have grape soda with lunch. As you can see, she is happy with this.

And here is my little man all freshly cut and handsome. He was beyond wonderful in the chair today. The hairdresser was quite impressed with him. He's really good as long as you don't approach him with the clippers. He hates the sound on his head. Someday maybe we can do his hair at home. Not that I am pushing for him to give up Snip It's. I like my Kelly's treat!!

I have a code for York photo for cheap prints so I am getting the rest of my Project Life 2011 pictures uploaded to print. Thank goodness the code goes through the 9th and I only need through the 7th to finish 2011!! Yahooie!!

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