Saturday, January 26, 2013

october 21- october 27

October 21- Picture taken by my dad. Love the purple with the green! So very pretty.

October 22- Alex lost his first tooth!! It came out in school so he got to have a tooth necklace to keep the tooth safe until he got home!

October 23- All set for bed with his holey grin!!

October 24- Six month check up for Kira at the dentists office.

October 25- Daddy playing War with Alex during Open House. He was so excited to show daddy around his classroom since mommy is there every week I knew everything!! So cute.

October 26- Our pumpkins on the deck stairs. Pretty aren't they??

October 27- Alex in the bounce house at the town's Halloween Haunt. He had such a good time and it was a lovely sunny day. Perfect for the party.

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