Thursday, August 23, 2012

june 24- june 30

June 24- Happy Birthday Kira. Time for her Syracuse birthday party with friends and family.

June 25- After party balloons. They always fall so fast.

June 26- Kira and her lovely nails done by Linda. Looking good this year! She has been growing her talons out very nicely.

June 27- Walmart fun for us. Picked up a carpet cleaner of our very own. Only took 12 years of home ownership for us to make the purchase!!

June 28- IKEA!! Heaven on earth. Must go back.

June 29- Organizing kids movies. One is full of Disney movies and the other holds kids movies. Love that all those boxes are no longer hanging around!

June 30- Swimming at Lynda's house for Nikki's college graduation party.

June 30- Three of my favorite people in the world.

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