Thursday, June 21, 2012

april 29- may 5

April 29- This will be a picture of the Rite Aid in our town. Not today... but it will appear in my album.

April 30- My jacket that I didn't realize had fallen off of my grocery cart until much later in the morning and I had to go back to the store. Thank goodness it was found by an honest employee who turned it in.

May 1- Raining. It would be a frequent theme of the month.

May 2- oh yes... we had to call them for our sewer line. Thank goodness there were no roots in the line just a small dip that caused the plug. Adding that to the things to do list.

May 3- Alex's pants drying from him running through the grass at pick up.

May 4- Me and my twin finally getting together for a scrappy weekend at our friend Nancy's place.

May 5- Super moon.

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