Wednesday, June 20, 2012

april 15- april 21

April 15- picked up the paint for Alex's room.

April 16- Walking tour for the Art Club to downtown Newmarket. Two of Kira's besties who were in art club with her. They are in front of her two pictures. The squirrel and the robin.

April 17- Spirit week. Mismatched day. It was hard with Alex as all his clothes work together so that when he dressed himself, he matches. From far away he was mismatched however, there is blue on his shirt.

Kira's lovely outfit. Including the mismatched socks, shoes and patriotic hair scrunchy.

April 18- Wacky hair day. I stocked up on spray on hair color in October during Halloween just for this day! Kira wanted a rainbow. And she got it.

Alex wanted polka dots, which he got.

April 19- Travel in time day. My kids went to the 70's.

You can't see it but on her pants is a rainbow peace sign.

April 20- Green for Earth Day.

At least they are both shades of green?!

April 21- Cleaned out the front flower bed.

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