Wednesday, June 20, 2012

april 8- april 14

April 8- Happy Easter 2012!

April 9- I helped out with the dental bus at the school.

April 10- Minutes I took for the Spring Auction meeting.

April 11- Half day of school so Nicole and I took the kids to Wagon Hill Farm in Durham for a picnic and to burn off some energy. Great time.

April 12- Alex at the playground after school waiting for Kira  to come out from chorus.

April 13- Darn sweet ants. Thank goodness we had the stuff to make sure they don't come back!!

April 14- Lovely day. I went to the grocery store alone and proceeded to lock my keys in the car! Thank goodness I had my phone and camera. Took this picture while I waited for Dave to come and unlock the car for me.

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