Saturday, February 11, 2012

february 8- february 11

February 8- Alex had a small battle with a sign pole at the elementary school at pick up time. Looks like the pole got the better of him. He also had a small cut on his chin. The spot is now a lovely shade of purple/ black. Poor kiddo.

February 9- My new and improved corner cabinet storage. I think I have finally gotten it to a usable space! It only took me almost 12 years.

February 10- Alex at Walmart trying to wave me over to the cupcake case. I was trying to get deli meat so he had to wait. That is definitely not something he does well.

February 11- Pancake breakfast at the elementary school for the chorus and band field trip. Pretty good pancakes and the service was great!! The kids got to the be servers for everyone who came. Wonderful group of kids.

 No snow today like was predicted. Not that I am complaining. This winter has been pretty decent weather wise. Especially since my front tires are so sad and pathetic. I cannot wait to get them changed in a couple weeks.

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