Saturday, February 18, 2012

february 12- february 18

February 12- After our delicious breakfast, it was time for a family trip to Walmart. I know such a great highlight to the weekend for everyone. But Kira needed a present for a birthday party for this Saturday and we needed a few other things. My wonderful hubby found these pants for me on clearance! I am loving them so much. I know what I am wearing for the Daytona 500!! Go Tony!

February 13- Hubby bought these Build A Bear Workshop friends for the kiddos for Valentine's day. They each have magnets in their paws so they can blow kisses and hold hands!! So stinking cute. The pink cat is Kira's (named Kisses) and Alex's is the dog (named Hugs) Love them!!

February 14- There was a low key celebration in Kindergarten today. The best part of the day?? Each of the kids got to dress up like a mail person to deliver their Valentine's to their friends wonderfully decorated bags!! So adorable. There were three of the kids doing this at a time. Total fun but totally exhausting on the adults. Here's my little delivery man!

February 15- Alex has created a game called Hugs Clues. Instead of pawprints being left on clues, Hugs leaves hearts. I helped on that part by cutting three hearts for him to use. He also has some of the poster putty for them if they need to stick to the clue. We even get to sit in the thinking chair in his room so we can figure out Hugs Clues.

February 16- Mommy got a night out so daddy was in charge of bedtime. Instead of reading, Alex wanted to play a word game with daddy. It was totally stacked in favor of Alex and poor daddy didn't stand a chance of winning. At the end of the game, Alex wrote the below message to daddy on his easel. That is Alex giving daddy a raspberry!! I so love it. Daddy did too.

February 17- She has only been working on this tooth for over a month!! So glad it is finally out. The past couple of days have been crazy since she wouldn't let daddy tug it out and I am not strong stomached enough to handle even looking at it hanging by the thread that was there. Happy to see that hole in her smile-- finally!

February 18- Shhhh--- we must be careful or we may disturb these rare creatures in their natural habitat-- the lazy weekend-ius children-a-lotta. The good news is that they won't be doing much of this today (or tomorrow) as we are pretty well booked for most of the afternoon.

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