Wednesday, February 29, 2012

february 22- february 29

February 22- my regular volunteer day in Alex's class. They were making George Washington hats to celebrate Presidents Day this week. Aren't they the cutest group of Georges?? They were all SCREAMING George Washington!! So cute. I will have to let you all know that my son putting his hands in his pockets like that, is exactly what my grandfather did when he was standing around. I guess giving Alex my Bumpa's name for his middle name was perfect!

February 23- I was able to go hang out with some of the ladies I hung out with the previous Sunday at the Tavern in town. Gotta love $2.50 margaritas, good food and even better friends. All that is missing from that picture are little photo cutouts of us hanging in the window (we try to get the table by the window to seat everyone who joins in for the fun)

February 24- Hubby was at the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts and just so happened to stop by the Cheesecake Factory for a little dessert run. I should have taken a picture of the cakes but I didn't. Very tired that night so we'll have to go for the description on their website. For some reason, hubby and I always called this cake Nancy's cake. Not sure if we got the name wrong or if at some point they changed the name. But we call it Nancy's cake so sorry Linda. We love your cake but we give credit to someone else. LOL

February 25- I will admit, this picture was taken the following day as it was pitch black when this branch landed on our roof scaring hubby and I. It was quite windy during the day and once it got to be night it picked up a bit. This branch was thrown onto the roof and then slid to its current resting place. It sounded like someone was climbing the side of the house and it sure wasn't someone quiet like Spiderman!! We went out to investigate in the dark with a flashlight to make sure no damage had been done. I took this picture the next day.

February 26- Oh yeah... we have gotten into posting signs on our front lawn in favor of getting land for a new high school (at least that is what we want) but without this land, we won't even have the option of renovating the current building. But I digress... here is the sign on our front lawn. Ignore the icky brown grass.

February 27- Chuck E Cheese day with Alex, Kira and Kira's friend Maggie. Such a great day and good kids. They had fun. And so did mommy as some of my friends and their kids were also there!!

February 28- There was a runaway towel that decided it needed to fall behind the washer and my fabulous daughter sat on the washer trying to move it with a hanger to the corner so we could grab it. We got the towel, but the hanger... well it is now behind the washer until I pull everything out next week. Too much going on to worry about it this week!

February 29- Happy Leap Day!! The kids totally loved leaping off the wall. So much fun. Maybe we can do it again in four years and see how much they have grown!! Love it!

Ready for the next month! Very disappointed that my photo order did not come today. I thought it would be here so I could work on my Project Life but no such luck. Bummer.

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