Tuesday, March 6, 2012

march 1- march 5

March 1- Well look at that, winter decided to stop in and mess up our plans to drive to Syracuse for the weekend. Looks like a foot of snow to me. Our poor tree bending because of the weight. Not gonna miss that when we take it down.

March 2- Driving to Syracuse and eating at Burger King for lunch. Look at that pretty princess! Such a goof.

March 3- Eating dinner at Tully's in Fairmount. That is Alex's hand reaching into our first helping of popcorn (we ended up having three).

March 3- This will be the main picture for that day. The above one will be an extra I squeeze into a smaller spot on the week. Great picture of the gang.

March 4- Driving home from Syracuse. Alex playing his DS and getting help with the game with his new book. He saw the camera and made his cheesy grin. So funny.

March 5- At the library while Kira is in Girl Scouts. Alex spent some time tracing/ drawing Pokemon characters. He's so serious when he is drawing.

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