Tuesday, March 20, 2012

march 6- march 19

Well look at that. I have been missing in action for a bit. Taking pictures just not loading them to the computer. oh the shame!!

March 6- This was at the Unplugged Week event that included board games, a hip hop demonstration and a  glass magnet project from a local pottery place. Every once in awhile they truly love each other.

March 7- Again... Unplugged Week and the annual ice cream social. Most kids ended up with more toppings than ice cream, but everyone was happy and that is what counts. The little brunette is my friends girl Emily.

March 8- Unplugged week fun continues with a Family Dance Party. The kids had a total blast. You can see my little guy hanging with the girls (he's in the blue tshirt on the right hand side of the picture)

March 9- The final event of the Unplugged week is the talent show put on by Alex's kindergarten teacher Ms. Lazarus. Since she is the one who puts it together, she makes sure that her AM and PM class is part of the show. The sad part is that she has 30 students and that is not all of them at the actual show. My guy in bright yellow!

March 10- A bit of shopping for us since Kira has grown out of her spring clothes on me and Alex is putting holes in his jean knees every day!! Oh yeah... hubby needed some new work sneaks (they have to wear all white sneaks) and the two pairs he got were marked down to a ridiculous price so we got two.

March 11- The kids were invited to a bowling party. This was the first time Alex had been bowling. Okay... they call it bowling here but it is actually candlepin. It was a good time.

March 12- Laundry. Seems to be the story of my life. If it doesn't need to be folded, it needs to be washed. There is no end.

March 13- Kira working hard at her desk doing her homework. Wearing one of her new shirts we got at Target.

March 14- This is the sign I made for the art show while I was working in the art room. I am pretty happy with how it came out.

March 15- Alex's leprechaun trap that he made in school. It happened to work out as part of their science lesson as well on getting things to grow! Not sure where I am going to put this grass... Maybe in the front yard.

March 16- Day off from school for the kiddos for a teachers workshop. We had to go to the store to pick up some stuff. Kira found these candles and wanted them. I told her to take a picture. That worked for her.

March 16 again- Alex brought his camera to the store and took pictures of lots of blue items. He also took a picture of me taking a picture of him.

March 17- My little guy having a temper tantrum over a Wii game loss. He was so tired that after he had his fit, he fell asleep under the blanket on the floor.

March 18- Time again to put the book fair fliers together. It's a full evening of fun for hubby and me. But it is done.

March 19- Alex picking some books out at the library while Kira was at Girl Scouts.

 Whew... that was a lot of pictures. I need to stop being so lazy.

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