Sunday, February 3, 2013

december 16- december 22

December 16- The elves need a day off to get better from their battle with the Avengers. Poor things.

December 17- They recorded a Christmas Carol for Kira to watch. The George C Scott version which I totally love!!

December 18- A zipline from the curtain to the tree??? These elves have way too much time on their mittened little hands!!

 December 19- Hess truck parade around the Peeker rug. Wonder who will get dizzy first??

December 20- Goldfishing in the sink in the laundry room. Looks like Cookie caught one!!

December 21- Rollerskating elf style!! We got to see a couple of rainbows on the way home from the doctors office. Kira captured it for me.

December 22- Jingle bells left for the kids.

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