Friday, February 1, 2013

december 2- december 8

December 2- Angry birds in real life for the kiddos set up by our elves. They also brought the kids Angry Birds jammies.

December 3- Elves in the tree looking for our Pooh who usually sits at the top of the tree. He took the year off and the kids were not happy about it in the least. Looks like Cookie and Scout weren't either.

December 4- Those elves!! They had a snowball fight on the kitchen table!! Scout seems to be losing this battle.

December 5- They brought a friend with them from the North Pole. His name is McFlurry. Cute polar bear.

December 6- New stockings for both kiddos along with a chocolate treat inside.

December 7- Donuts for everyone. Including the elves!!

December 8- The elves brought us a whoopie pie tin. These ones are HUGE. Still working on the amount of batter to use on these.

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