Saturday, February 2, 2013

december 9- december 15

December 9- Each of the kids got the new Pokedex that came out. Looks like they were a bit hit!!

December 10- Alex was not at all happy about their location today. He likes when they DO something. Not just sit. High expectations on these elves!!

December 11- The elves TP'd the kids rooms as well as the hallway to the playroom! Naughty elves.

December 12- The drew mustaches on Kira's pictures upstairs. So funny if you weren't Kira.

December 13- They left the kids candy canes to put on their trees. Alex also received a great award!!

December 14- Looks like it snowed in the family room overnight.

December 15- Avengers versus the elves. What a mess they left behind!!

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